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Gabay Gang
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Friday, January 18, 2008

Our Anniversary

January 16th was our 15 year anniversary. The 'modern' gift is a watch, and surprisingly, I didn't even feel like pushing the envelope with my hubby and asking for one. I didn't ask for anything -- I KNOW -- can you even believe it!?!!?? Those of you who know me, know that I will ask my hubby to buy me jewelry just 'cause I did a load of laundry, much less a major milestone like 15 years. I guess I'm still amazed that it's been that long!

So here is how birthdays and anniversaries work in our house... my hubby stops at the grocery store on his way home from work and picks up a funny card and a serious card. When the kids were little, he used to buy a card for them also, but I guess he decided that he doesn't need to worry about them anymore, 'cause this year he threw them under the bus. (In their defense, they made a few really nice 'homemade' cards - which are the ones I really treasure). Back to my explanation... my hubby usually comes home with a crinkly, plastic grocery bag, tries to sneak into the house, goes to a quiet corner where he signs and seals the cards, then makes a big presentation to me. It's okay, I'm used to it, and I'm not complaining. It is what it is -- at least he remembers the important events, right? So this year, at the most, I was expecting the usual routine. My hubby's work schedule right now is Monday - Friday nights, which means he gets home around 8am, goes to bed and wakes up anytime between 2-6pm. Wednesday evening he woke got up around 5:30pm. I heard his footsteps as he came down the stairs and walked to his desk, then I heard the crinkle of the plastic grocery bag. He tracked me down in the living room, wished me a happy anniversary and handed me the plastic bag. I took it from him and said "Oh, the standard", to which he responded "just open it"! I opened the bag to find the traditional two cards AND their envelopes - he hadn't even signed them! He made me read them - cause he always takes a lot of time to read them in the store and carefully select just the right ones. The funny one played the song "Ain't no woman like the one I got" when opened, and the serious one was perfect, as usual. Here's the best part - I read the cards, got a laugh, said 'awwhhhh' to the mushy one, and then found the receipt in the bottom of the bag - SO I'M TAKING THEM BACK AND GETTING $12!! Maybe I'll photograph the cards so I'll have the memory, and then I'll return them to the store. Is that TOTALLY wrong?

Anyway - don't get the wrong idea - I'm not upset or angry about this event - I've come to expect it from my hubby. It was just SOO funny, I had to share it. I know we have friends who do big things for their anniversaries, especially big ones, but this is soo typically us - you have NO idea. I guess 15 years means you don't have to sign cards anymore. Next year, he'll probably just take me to the grocery store and have me read the cards there ;0

(I should probably add that I got him nothing... not even a card). Don't hate - emulate.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Night

Quick update - we're four days into forming our first new habit! Man am I ever tired.

Poor Will had to walk home from the bus stop in the rain this afternoon because I made the mistake of sitting down when I got home at 330pm today. I think I was asleep within about three minutes (you knew that was coming, right?). What counts (as far as i'm concerned) is that we're up and at 'em at 530am. Y'all have no idea how HUGE that is for these Gabays!

It's 1110pm now so I have to head off to bed. I will add some fun new pics. soon - still need to figure out a few things. Have a great day tomorrow!!

Suz xoxo

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy New Year - FINALLY!!

So it's nine days into the new year and I've mailed out about half of our New Year's Cards. I am soo far ahead of the power curve I can't believe it (big, fat snicker!).

The only resolution that has been made is the kids and I decided that we need to be more organized about everything in our lives, so our plan is to wake up at 5:30am - EVERY morning (that means Saturday and Sunday included) YIKES! So far we've done it every day this week - but it's only Wednesday - i'm just sayin'. It's amazing how much I'm able to accomplish in the mornings, and frankly, all day long once I get an early start. I figure after the waking up early becomes a habit, we'll work on something else (maybe cleaning something on a regular basis).

I did something TOTALLY out of my box today. I signed up for an Apron Swap ( ! I'm soo excited. I got the idea from Traci, and decided that I HAD to participate. Hopefully, I'm not too late to be added to the list. I'll keep ya' posted.

Now, besides the whole 'wake up on time' thing - tomorrow I'm thinking of throwing away 10 things. ... where is that stack of magazines from 1998...? I kid. (or do I?)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

So it may not seem like the funnest thing to do, but I spent the better part of the day organizing stuff in my 'Craft Room'. I found a dead Brown Recluse spider and have the stuffiest head thanks to all the dust I stirred up.

Although I managed to make a dent in the corner by my drafting table, the hallway outside the room has become a storage closet for the time being. Wonder if I'll have it cleared up before we leave Wednesday? (If you TRULY know me, you already know the answer to that one).

So now my arm hurts from the Wii Bowling, and I only bowled two games. There's something about the whole throwing of the imaginary ball that is just not good for the shoulder joint or the frustration level. Next time I play, I'm gonna try bowling while sitting. I'll keep y'all posted...

BTW... y'all need to get to bed, or Santa won't stop at your house!! ;->

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas (early)

So we had Christmas last night (Saturday) - only because William has to work Sun.- Fri. night this week.

Ok, maybe that's not the only reason... it's really because we'll be in Florida the day after Christmas and we wanted the kids to be able to play with the Wii before we hit the road (i know, i know... I'm such a BAAADDDD Mom).

I'm not sure if Santa still stops when you've already opened presents and it's not Christmas day... . Anyone know about that one? 'Cause I've been pretty good all year - ok, that depends on who you ask - but for the most part, I'm pretty sure I'm on the nice list.

I'll keep y'all posted!!